Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Richard Milward on My Bloody Valentine's return

My bloody eardrums! My musical highlight of 2008 was feeling like the Camden Roundhouse was about to lift off, space-shuttle-like, as My Bloody Valentine struck into their notorious twenty-minute noisy section of ‘You Made Me Realise’. Coming out of hibernation for the first time in twelve years, the band were like blistering badgers, tearing their way through a delightfully deafening set. Despite owning more-or-less the whole MBV back catalogue, it took quite a while to work out which song was which, so smothered they were in creamy, destructive fuzz. For days afterwards, I had a mini My Bloody Valentine serenading me in my sleep, like my eardrums wanted to cling onto them as long as possible; just in case they decide to disappear again. Or it could’ve just been tinnitus.

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