Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Wilco (the response)

there's a great, strident, response to the album over at Aquarium Drunkard here that's well worth a read

While I may not be quite as glowing, yet, i'm enjoying the album (after a couple of shrugged shoulder listens). Unlike most reviewers though i find Nels Cline a problem, and it's particularly striking on this album, coming in late and over-filling songs with his j**z-like guitar (and he often sounds like Mike Oldfield for god's sake!). That said, there are some great songs on here, 'I'll Fight', 'You & I' (with Feist), 'Solitaire' and 'Sonny Feeling' (the latter two of which would have comfortably fit on Summerteeth - their most underrated album)

Anyway, Tweedy's voice and melodies are, as ever, great and it's a marked step-up lyrically from Sky Blue Sky, so definitely recommended.

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