Monday, 21 September 2009

Like Mariachi...

Well i thought Richmond Fontaine were amazing the other night: the stuff of the new record sounded great, particularly 'Lonnie', and the title track 'We Used the Think the Freeway Sounded like a River'. Other highlights were 'Lost in This World', great to hear live for the first time, with Ralph Huntley on piano, and the awesome instrumental 'El Tiradito'. They finished with fierce versions of 'Song for Dead Moon' and 'Four Walls' at what was their biggest London show to date, i think, over 500 people.
Only two complaints: I've still not heard the band play 'The Water Wars' live and the new Garage was nice as a venue, but way too much noise from the bar that runs all the way across the back. Great night though, and i was lucky enough to catch The Duke and the King at the same venue on friday night, short, early set, but great nonetheless.

Here are my four top tunes to check out, i'm guessing they're all on itunes to take a listen, but i recommend buying the albums they're from (all mentioned here once or twice over the past few months)...

'Lonnie' Richmond Fontaine
'Waterspider' The Duke and the King
'Goode's Field (Alternate Version)' Drive-by Truckers
'A Satisfied Mind' - Pete Molinari

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