Monday, 22 February 2010

Adios, So Long, Farewell...

It's been an emotional 18 months, but, with royalties rolling in from both sides of the Atlantic, i'm thinking it might be time to kick back, get fat, and retire this Hang the DJ blog (althoug you may find me occassionally writing things here, The Thought Fox)
But, for here and now, i thought i'd sign off with some stuff to celebrate. Here's my 'Ten reasons not to be down' list...

1. The new Josh Rouse album, El Turista.

2. Nurse Jackie
roll on series 2 i say, genius

3. Nick Kent's comeback
The brilliant Apathy for the Devil is out next week, but don't just take my word for it, checkout this Sunday Times review.

4. Adventureland on DVD
Finally saw this on saturday night, superb, and a great soundtrack too (The Replacements, The Cure, Lou Reed, Big Star etc.)

5. Richmond Fontaine live in London
Bush Hall show for March 4th, already sold out, see you there if you've a ticket.

6. Pearl Jam live in London
Hyde Park in June, thanks to my bro in law, i'll be there.

7. Shutter Island
Scorsese does Dennis Lehane's most bonkers book, can't wait.

8. Fionn Regan's back
Loving his second album, Shadow of the Empire, check it out.

9. The Way Home pbk
George Pelecanos is on top form, again, in this 'crime' novel which is really more of a brilliant exploration of a father-son relationship. Bizarrely, this is set to appear on Amanda Ross' ill-conceived new Book Club show on channel z. Still, it should be interesting to see what Gok, Mr Spikey and her off Strictly make of it...

10. And finally, The Big To Do,
New Drive-By Truckers album out in March, there's info and a free download at their website now - let there be Rock!

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