Thursday, 13 November 2008

Drive by Robbery?

So the result is in for the Uncut Music Award '08, and the winner is... Fleet Foxes Uncut
Now i like the album, don't get me wrong, but... (the fact that it's a debut i suspect had something to do with it) well, i just think The Drive-By Truckers album is a far greater work and, judging by the reaction to the shortlist , may well have been a more popular winner with other readers. Anyway, i've been meaning to do a longer piece on their album here for a while, so that will be following shortly.
In the meantime back to Fleet Foxes, and congratulations, it is a lovely album with some exceptional songs (Ragged Wood, Quiet Houses, He Doesn't know Why) but for me it was just a little disappointing, cumulatively, and didn't quite deliver on the promise of their earlier Sun Giant EP. I like the album though as i've said, and having missed the recent Shepherd's Bush shows have a ticket for their Roundhouse show in February. And if you're a fan and don't already have the EP above, i heartily recommend it.

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