Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Secretly (Not) Canadian

So here's Mr Peter Morey's Canadian top 10 for 2008. I was going to point out that there was no mention of the Acorns rather fine debut, Hope Glory Mountain, but of course that came out Autumn '07 in Canada. Some good things to check out here though by the sounds of it...

1. Plants and Animals - Parc Avenue
This is an amazing album. Psychedelic and catchy. Check this band out if you have not heard them.

2. Andre Ethier - Born On Blue Fog
This is Andres 4th solo record - he has an great voice, is really prolific and is a fantastic painter as well. People compare him to Dylan, but that's such a lazy comparison...

3. Valery Gore - Avalance to Wandering Bear
Blissful Piano pop.

4.Chad Vangaalen - Soft Airplane
The daddy of the Calgary scene. Listen to the song willow tree.

5. Justice - Just Is
My fav hip hop album of the year. It's got wicked old samples.

6. Bicycles - Oh no it's Love
The only band around writing 2min smart pop songs.

7.Black Mountain - In the The future
Get stoned. Rock out.

8. Hayden - In Field and Town
What can I say, I love Hayden's voice.

9. The Lost fingers - Lost in the 80's
Django style gypsy Jazz covers of 80's song. It's done so well!

10. Land of Talk - Some are Lakes
Three piece sonic youth ish Stuff from Montreal. Lizzie Powell is a super cool front women.

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