Friday, 26 September 2008

UNCUT music award '08

Uncut have just announced their inaugral best album award, with a 25 strong longlist. It seems a great idea to me, an award unrestricted by age or nationality, and it's been a really strong year for albums too, so a good time to start it up.

I'm a little disappointed that neither Laura Marling nor Pete Molinari made it on there, two fine British albums, and i'd also have included the wonderful Dawn Landes, but it's a great list nonetheless, and it'll be interesting to follow this one through. My pick for what it's worth (probably once again condemning them both!) would be either Bon Iver's 'For Emma, Forever Ago' or Drive-By Truckers' 'Brighter than Creation's Dark' (more to come on the latter of these two here very soon), one small and intimate, one sprawling and expansive.

See link for the full longlist and further details

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